The newest three axis Flight Head Apex is one of the most compact and highly versatile stabilized camera remote heads on the market. It eliminates camera shake and vibration during fast or rough moves. Works on all types of camera crane arms, dollies, tracking vehicles, cablecams, etc.  

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  • Stabilization: angular, throughout 300mm focal range (film)

  • Pan and Tilt and Roll Speeds: up to 120° per sec

  • Pan Limits: 360 deg. 3-4 turns; Tilt limits:+ 60°; 240°; Roll limits: ± 42°

  • Operating Modes:  Underslung / Overslung

  • System Power Requirement:  27 to 32 VDC,

  • Operating Temperature Range: -4˚F to 104˚F (- 20C deg. + 40C)

  • Payloads: up to 66lbs (30kg)

  • Console menu features: 

  • Recorded moves 

  • Back Pan compensation 

  • Hold position 

  • Drift automatic compensation 

  • Angular position indication 

  • Horizon shift 

  • PID presets 

  • Autohorizon On/Off