FLIGHTHEAD 6 is the latest 3 axis stabilized technology which offers an unprecedented level of image stability under extreme conditions. Engineered and built to be used in combination with the Russian Arm to withstand higher vibration levels and acceleration impacts. New generation of ʻauto horizonʼ control electronics provides an accurate horizontal level even in high G-turns. It is one of the strongest most rigid and powerful stabilized remote heads on the market, that minimizes vibration and unwanted shaking of the camera during rough or fast moves throughout a 25-300mm zoom range (film lens).


FLIGHTHEAD 6 offers a fast and smooth response. It is capable of handling and stabilizing most large camera packages. Operated with joystick, hand-wheels or pan bar, the FLIGHTHEAD 6 can be mounted on a wide variety of regular and telescoping camera cranes, dollies, camera cars, quad bikes, helicopters and cable-cam rigs, etc.

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​   Specification

  • Mounts to standard Mitchell Base

  • RF Wireless capable (900mhz)

  • Temperature range from -40ºF up to 104ºF

  • Payload capacity up to 121.25lbs (55kg)

  • Head weight: 72.75lbs (33kg)

  • 24-30 VDC

  •  2 Amps standby

  •  2 Amps standby

  •  2 Amps standby

  • 15 Amps Max

  • Accepts most 3D, HD, film and stills camera packages

  • Sealed for rain, mud, snow, sand etc.

  • Controls: Joystick and hand wheels as standard

  • Set up time approximately 30-40 minutes

  • Pan axis travels through 360°

  • Roll axis travels through 270° with auto horizon

  • Tilt axis travels through 200°

  • Maximum speed 120 second per axis

  • Limits / Hold position / Back pan compensation / Locked shot

  • Angular position indication Horizon shift

  • Panbar

  • Control for Preston & Arri Zoom motor from FLIGHTHEAD 6

  • console via Joystick

  • RF Wireless capable​

Filmtec Grip Services, Equipment Hire, Fabrication Dion Harley Filmotechnic