The Russian Arm Mini (Autorobot Mini) and Flight Head Mini 3 is a new generation of our gyrostabilized robotic camera crane systems. It is remotely operated gyrostabilized minicrane technology that was designed for use on small camera cars, electric carts, process trailers or other small tracking vehicles to be able to perform on narrow roads, small sized sets, tunnels, parking garages, bridges etc.


Russian Arm Mini is lightweight and compact but powerful enough to go high speed and work in most challenging conditions. It is capable of 360 pan, tilting up and down allowing a wide range of impressively stable, smooth and very dynamic shots. Russian Arm Mini system is operated via joystick consoles from within a camera car.


  • Arm length 3,43 m

  • Tilt 45°, Pan 360°, + - 3 rotations

  • Pan speed max 6.5 sec

  • Tilt speed max 1.5 sec/45

  • Payload 30kg

  • Weight with camera max 180kg

  • Max speed up to 140 km/h

Russian Arm Mini

Russian Arm Wellington